What day is it today?

Well I had to work last night and I woke up forgetting what day it was, what time it was, what I had to do today...
Then I realized I had just woken up from my sleeping coma.
Oh how I love those!
So today is Mom's day.
Oh wait. My mom is an ocean ride away so I really can't celebrate as well as I want. It stinks but what can I do.
I don't have any recent pictures of my mom and I ... or just of my mom. But I do have a pic (which I have above my head on my headboard of my bed) of my mom, me and my little sister on my mommy's wedding day in Portugal.
I miss her dearly and was honored to be her maid of honor on her special day.
I hope to see her and my sister soon... it's been waaaaay to long.
I hope to visit sometime in the next two years!
Unfortunately it has been 11 years already since I haven't physically seen my mom.
It hurts to say that such a long time has passed and so many things have happened and the fact that my mom wasn't here to experience that with me is just... it sucks!
But my dad has done wonders. He's been a wonderful dad (and mom) so I can't complain too much.
He's given me the love for two parents and I can't thank him enough for that.
So today is not only to thank my mom and celebrating her.
It is to both my parents because my dad deserves just as much credit as my mom does.
She carried me around in her belly for 9 months or so, gave birth to me, was my closest and dearest friend for the first 10 years of my life, and is still my mom who I miss talking to and can't wait to share soooo many memories with her.
I am only 22 (going to be 23 very VERY soon) so I have my life ahead of me to share with her.
So happy mother's day mom AND dad.
I love you both with all my heart.
Que diosito nos bendiga con muchos mas anos para celebrar muchas cosas mas!
Love you!!!
Thank you for loving each other enough at one time to give me life and giving me everything you possibly could to make me a great person I am continuing to be.
There are no words that can thank you enough.

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