Tomato plants

A little project I want to record here...

Every year my dad plants these tomato plants and we get pretty many tomatoes. They are yummy and are great for salads. But most of the time they are still green but are about to fall off so we usually have tons of green tomatoes around our kitchen.

Anywho, I wanted to record {hopefully every week} the progress of these plants. I mean, my dad only planted these about 2 weeks ago and they are already this big! I say it's ALL the rain we've had in these parts.

Wonder if they will be juicier than ever before since they're getting so much water than we usually give them. Plus, we haven't had to water them since my dad planted them which is awesome!

More pics to come of flowers outside my house...

If you have any tips on how to get my tomatoes to stay on longer or just about growing tomatoes in a backyard, please, don't hesitate to comment and leave good tips!

Thanks in advance!
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