Oh Disney...

I could not agree MORE with Meg Fee about this. Check out her post about Disney and if you're a late-80's early 90's child you will COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!!!
Plus I also had to share the video she put on her post.
Too too too cute and lovely not to share on my blog!
It's things like this that keep me smiling....


Meg Fee said...

lol, oh yay!!! happy happy happy birthday! i think 23 is a good year--at least im having a good time with it.

ps: the thing about my video is that it's from my camera--i can't even upload it to youtube to get the embedded link. i think i might just have too much stuff on my computer right now so everything is moving sooooo slow!

kSbl said...

Thank you for the bday wishes!

And I think I'm going to love 23. One of my fave/lucky numbers. YAY!

and hope the vid problem works out. maybe try vimeo...? or also there is