Would you e-mail him?

I hope you would!
{And me too!}

Check out his story here!

thanks to Jenn for posting this!

Do you believe...?

...those commercials from Publishers Clearing House that give those people those big checks and go to their home?
You know... these:

Are they for real?
How much money do they actually get?
Do these people get the FULL amount of money that they say they give them?
Like seriously.
$1 million?????
Just a random check for $1 million??????
How much tax is taken out?
I  mean... seriously.

Do you know of anyone who has won and what they have had to do (other than submit stuff online!).
There has to be a catch.
Like buy a certain amount of things from their sponsors once you win etc etc...

Please someone tell me this is not a joke so maybe I can go online and apply.

Ever since they were on Oprah I can't stop seeing those commercials and thinking about applying... should I?
Would you?


p.s. they sure are funny to watch the "reactions" of people who "won" though! haha

this one is even funnier!

Good bye, Farewell...!

Just cut up all my old credit cards... Agh!
Good sight for my low-in-money-eyes!
The less debt I have the happier I feel!
Man that felt good just cutting them all up!

We all love FREE gift card's right?

Well then go on over to this site and enter! You have four ways to enter!

What do you win?

Well there are two Walmart $30 gift cards!

The giveaway expires tomorrow at 9pm so go over and enter!

And follow on Twitter!

Many good things on there that she lets us all know about!

Good luck!


"I might Have To Wait, I'll Never Give Up..."

I love this song and um... Michael Buble is pretty darn good to look at.
But the best thing is that this video he made with his current and beautiful Brazilian girlfriend.
How great is that?
They are both so lucky to have found each other.
And I believe that I have met my guy...
But if you haven't yet, listen to this song.
It will bring your spirits up and believe me it made me smile just from listening to the lyrics ...
and of course Michaels' sultry sexy voice!

Is this what love should be like?
"And I Know That We Can Be So Amazing
And Baby Your Love Is Gonna Change Me
And Now I Can See Every Possibility "

I wish I had these words to keep encouraging me when I had a broken heart.
And I hope it does just that to all you out there looking for that person for you.

"I Might Have To Wait

I'll Never Give Up
I Guess It's Half Timing
And The Other Half's Luck
Wherever You Are
Whenever It's Right
You Come Out Of Nowhere And Into My Life"

{lyrics via}


Can't wait 'til Summer 2010!

I loved the show, loved the first movie and I'm guessing I'm going to just LOVE this second movie!
And it comes out on my birth month! Yay!
May 28, 2010 - you cannot come any sooner!


Hello Hello!

Man have I missed the blogging world. I have many stories that I don't even remember but many things have happened but I will post them as they come to mind.
Christmas was great this year and I love love LOVE having my family all together at once!
I also love spending time with Kevin's fam as well and giving presents is also a good thing about Christmas!

Santa was good to me this year. Yep. This is what I got:

{image via}

{image via}
And this is a good read! It's very short though! Wish it were longer!

{image via}
She's hot. She sounds amazing. Love her music. It was an awesome present! It will help for when I wanna get dancing too! Or when I wanna start running... yep. These songs will get me pumping!

{image via}
Cause you cannot have enough mario and luigi inside bowser fun!
I've already started playing this on my DS and it's fun!
Now only to find my stylus... keep losing that darn thing! Good thing I have more!

{image via}
And who doesn't love peanut butter and chocolate right?
They are HUGE and my little cousins already helped me eat one of them.
I'm making Kevin help me with the other one!
Whew. With that much chocolate... I don't know what to do!

{image via}
Kevin and I started a tradition. Every year we are going to be getting each other an ornament. It should be interesting to see which one he gets me next year. I got him this FLASH ornament. He asked for it. =)

This was the first present I got. It brews yummy yummy coffee and the K-cups are not too expensive (depending where you get them from).
Yep. Santa was very good to me this year!
I also got some gift certificates for Old Navy that I will show what I got when I go shopping. Plus some chocolate from Gertrude Hawk... hmmmm....
Also some money (YEAH!) and a gift card to Panera.
My little cousins gave Kevin and I dreamcatchers; one pink and one blue. So cute!
Even though we agreed to NOT give each other anything, Kevin's brothers' and sisters'-in-law gave us gift certificates to go out to eat at two different restaurants. They are both really good places too!
Will take pics and then post them here when we go out!
Speaking of food, I'm going to make dinner now!
Fruit was not enough to keep my stomach from grumbling.

I'm sure I have more things to tell you about but food needs to go in my belly!

Until then take care lovies!


I wonder...

..If in 50 years I can count on my friends to have lunch with me like these ladies are. They are having cupcakes and coffee and gossiping about the people at there church. (Yes evesdropping is bad, but they are talking pretty loud!)

I love my friends and I hope they love me that much in 50+ years. Who else am I gonna gossip with right?

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I'm a G.N.!

I cannot believe I have actually come to this point in my nursing career where I can say :
I'm just a couple steps away from becoming a Registered Nurse in my state! Whoo hoo!

I'm planning on taking my boards sometime within the next 2 months. I start my G.N. orientation on Feb. 16, 2010 and I cannot wait!

My New Year's resolution for 2009 has been - well - RESOLVED!!! WHOO HOO!

I have never said that before! I cannot believe I actually completed a New Year's resolution! =)

I'm excited to start this new part of my life and career...

Now to study my butt off for state boards! More about that to come!

Thanks for reading everyone amd keep comin' back!

More stories to come!

And the holidays are here... Cannot believe it!

What are you up to this holiday season?

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I'm almost free...

Just need my paper grade and then I can really say
Until then, I just can't wait!


My sanity ...

.... is about to come back!!!
SunshineImage by Lillou Merlin ~ On ~ Off via Flickr


I just completed a long clinical weekend of 12 hour shifts and I have just one more left!!!

Could not be more excited!

It's been fun and great learning experience via my preceptor Lori {she's awesome by the way!}, but it's about time I finish with clinicals!!!
Crabapple covered in icy glaze due to freezing...Image via Wikipedia

So we here on the northeast U.S. just had a really bad snow storm on Saturday and it was pretty scary to drive home in my tiny little car. No 4-wheel drive = very scary drive home. Luckily the roads were not too slippery and my car decided it loved me for the weekend and turned on and was working just fine.
But now that I say that watch it not work tomorrow when I need to run a few errands!

In other good news, I get to put up all my decorations up for Christmas festivities and I'm going to try to go big this year! I need to because I am celebrating my graduation and a great end of a great year!
Plus I love decorating AND I don't have to worry about getting anything done or any finals because all of that is done and over with!!! Whoo hoo!

I cannot believe that I am almost done and I can almost say good bye to my college. I have debated about telling you where I am graduating from but I think I have said some bad things about this college that I might just keep it private after all. It might have slipped in other posts but I won't remind you now... hehe. Some things still have to remain private right???

I have so much to catch up on!
  • Laundry
  • TV shows (online time all day tomorrow!)
  • cleaning
  • decorating
  • errands
  • sleep
Maybe this will make me remind myself of things I have to do.
Have I mentioned I love lists before? I do. If I don't write it down, I'll forget!
Radio City 2007Image via Wikipedia

My dad is going to go to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular in NYC with my 3 cousins (it is his Christmas present to them) and I cannot go!!! I was afraid that I was gonna have to schedule a clinical day but I didnt but better safe than sorry right? .... grrr... still slightly jealous of them though!
I just cleared my memory card on my camera so my dad can take it and he can take many many awesome pictures and I shall post them here for your viewing pleasure.

Blogs I promise to make an honest effort to take some time and get you all caught up! I feel so out of the loop without going online all the time to check on my blogs and others ... it's weird when that happens! haha
Feels like something is missing in my life!

Ok. Gotta go catch some of that sleep I was talking about. VERY tired after a long 12 hour day shift clinical.
My feet huuuuurt!

Have a great night/day!



Need to go to Target for these:

Aren't they interesting looking.
Natalie from (NO) Sex and the City posted this on her blog a few days ago and I immediately fell in love.
She called them the "texting gloves". haha!
I love it even though it is more practical for every day uses instead of just texting.

Will let you know how I like them...


Before I forget

Kevin is on vacation this week so I have seen him more than ever lately, that I think I'm going to be spoiled when his vaca is over! I love seeing more of him!

But so far it's been super crazy and the times I see him are only for short periods of time.

Like monday I had clinical all day so I only saw him for a few hours and I kinda fell asleep on him for about a half hour. {sorry babe!}

Then Tuesday we headed over to T-Mobile and then over to SaladWorks for lunch before I had to go to class.

But before we left the house to go to T-Mobile I was packing my dad's lunch/dinner up and

Kevin goes : "When we live together will you pack me a good lunch like that? Not just stupid bologna and cheese sandwhich that I pack now?"
I say: "I will try my best babe!"
Kevin: "You promise?"
Me: "Well yeah ... probably. Why not?"
Kevin: "Ok."

So this is my little friendly reminder to myself to be a good girlfriend to Kevin and pack him really good lunches when we live together!

Hmmm.... What to give him and be creative all the time is gonna be tough. Especially with him being picky most of the time pretty much at all times with his food.

I barely pack my own lunch/dinner now... how to pack for him??? hmmmm....

Well I'll learn to deal with it when we get there.

First things first:


Ahhhh.... all in the name of love right?

***UPDATE: found this cute site Quick lunch ideas and love browsing through it already.
Gotta go home and bookmark it!***

Wouldn't ya love...

To win this really cool laptop???

Pretty huh???

David over at The Rest Is Still Unwritten is doing a giveaway and the prize is this beauty of a laptop.
It is a HP Pavilion dm3 and you can read more on the giveaway on David's post!
It would pretty freaking awesome if I did get it!

It would definitely go over to my dad though!
His PC is sooo freaking crappy right now and it sucks because it is so slooooooow!
So get on over there to David's blog and comment before he closes the comment section on November 30, 2009!

Go go go!!!
And get to posting on your blogs too!!!

Plus, read over his previous posts. He's a good blog writer. He has interesting insights and he is a guy - which is rare around the blogging community. At least to me because he is pretty much the only blog I follow that is written by a guy.

So if you have any other blogs written by guys send those recommendations over to me!


Been awhile but...

Glad to be back!
I have much to say but not really anything interesting and super exciting.
Of course as you can see my countdown has begun to shrink into days until I graduate from nursing school!
Can I get an AMEN for graduation??!?!??!

Also I already have everything set up regarding my pinning ceremony and class and clinical (THANK GOODNESS!). I had to move around some time at work to manage some time for clinical. It's been going great! I really like the floor I'm on and my preceptor could not be more knowledgeable and awesome!
This tidbit makes clinicals so much better and enjoyable and worthwhile and also I get to learn things easier!!!

I bought my nursing pin (oooh!) which is crazy to spend $60 on a pin but whooofc??? I deserve it right about now. And I didn't go for the tiny little piece of crap that looks like it can get lost in about 5 seconds. I got the LARGE Sterling Silver one. I will get a picture up here once I get it .... and on my nursing blog which I have to update soon! haha

One of the main reasons I wanted to make a post is because of the wonderful thing that Jessica from The Bormann Twins is doing! For every comment she gets on her post, she is donating 2 oz of baby formula!!! How wonderful is that??? I love the backstory of why she is doing this too! Go over there and read it and COMMENT!!! It doesn't take long I promise! It took me about 15 seconds to click on post comments and leave a comment. Thanks!


In other news I have to tell you about my crazy cell phone story.

After the jump!
{Click on the link below for my story!!!}


I think I'm in love!

If only I had enough money to buy all these snowmen things!

I think I've found my new 'love'. Almost as much as I love penguins and collecting scarves, I think I might just start a love of all things snowmen! I have to do a vlog of our Khol's haul that we did today.

Such great things and I only used about $35 worth of gift cards! Khol's has really great sales right now and I couldn't let a good sale go to waste! Especially when I have leftover gift cards from last year and my birthday!

So what are your 'loves" and 'gotta have' things???

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Hi. First post here. Sofia is helping me.
Thanks for stopping by our blog.
Well it's mainly Sofia who posts here but hope to stop by more.
Gotta sleep now.
Good night everyone.

Don't judge: elf soundtrack already in my car... =)

I love the first song! Always gets me happy!
Makes me wanna dance and start putting all my decorations up...

Yes yes it's more than a month away from Christmas but music is always good! No decorations up yet...
It's always been a tradition for my family to put decorations up on Dec. 6th so that's probably when they'll go up.
I love Christmas!
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monkey face on my bananas! Made me smile...

While I was getting my food ready I saw the monkey on my banana!

Love how the small things make me happy.

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To my mom:

It is your birthday (which coincides with Whoopi's bday too!) and I feel so bad that I am not next to you to celebrate.
I wish you the best of days today on this Friday 13th and I hope to get to talk to you before the weekend ends.

I am still working on your present and I hope to get it to you before Christmas. I make no promises but you will get something!

I hope you understand if I don't get to talking to you because well I work ALL weekend!

I have so much going on and I know you do too and I miss talking to you because I have sooo much I wish I could tell you but it is not about me today. It is about you mom.

I miss you and love you very much!

I wish this ocean would shrink for a few days so we could just be a few hours away instead of a 10 hour flight!

Soon enough I am hoping to see you as I finish my degree in nursing!

Love you mom!

Try not to cry today as today is a celebration not a day to be sad we are not together. We will see each other soon. I just know it!

Now imagine I am giving you this cake and make a wish and blow out the candles:

Hope your wish comes true!


With all my love dear mom of mine,

Hi Santa!

If you need ideas for me Santa these would be great!

They are under $10 Santa!
Can't go wrong with this!
Go here for where I found them.


Operation Beautiful

I'm gonna do it.
If you live around here prepare to find some post-it's with some inspiring words.

Do you know your sex IQ?

Get your thinkin' caps on and get ready to answer these SEX questions.

Just watch!

So ...
How did you do???

The graham cracker one?
Yeah did not know that one. I think that is the only one I didn't answer right.

Thanks for comin' back!
Talk with ya next time...


Candies galore!

Everytime there is a presentation people give out candy.
My blood sugar HAS to be through the roof.
Can't take anymore!
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Conundrum... with a side of sexiness...

just let goImage by laurenmarek via Flickr
It is almost 1 am and I am tired but yet I cannot fall asleep.
Have to wake up early to take Kev to work.
Really should go to sleep.
Need to be over at his house by 7am!

But I feel like I've neglected this lovely blog for too long!
It's been a long work week*end* for me.
Thank goodness it wasn't too busy.
Not too many babies born this weekend.

So anywho, been busy creating surveys for my class because we are planning out our Senior Celebration and our Pinning Ceremony. We have two parties basically to plan and it is so stressful and time consuming.
And with so many people with ideas and personalities that sometimes I wanna slap them in the back and say okay shush!

What I need is ideas though because we need to come up with lots and lots of $$$$$$ for our Pinning Ceremony - which is pretty much our Graduation.

I am on the fundraising committee and need help with coming up with cute and new ideas for fundraising. And if bringing awareness to anyting like breast cancer, autism, ovarian cancer, spina bifida etc. and we are able to make $$$$ more power to us. I was thinking of going to our local TV/Radio's and other companies around here and see if they would want to sponsor us at all.
Does anyone know how to go about and do that - other than picking up the phone and asking them personally!

I mean do we just go to them and ask for money and we just have their logo on our program or do we need to repay them with volunteer hours or what???

I need help with your ideas and seeing as the blogging community is so great and wonderfully creative I thought that asking you all would be fantastic to come up with different ideas. Please help me out! I will consider any and all ideas! Even if you would like to have your business (Etsy etc) included I would be more than happy to consider it and see what we can do.

Seriously accepting any and all ideas.

Seeing at it is almost 1:30 am I should go!

I will leave you with an awesome song by the ever so sexy Shakira!


Missing an earring

And I'm sad.
It's green too.
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Color line up

These are all my lovely nail polish colors I have...
What do you think?
Good selection?

Right now I am wearing an e.l.f. color nail polish. It's called 'Royal Purple'. Very pretty. I love e.l.f. products {if you haven't seen on my latest tweets... See above} and their nail polishes were 3 for $3 at no other than Target! Whoo hoo! No need for shipping cost and time. Love the convenience of not only having Target 5 minutes away from my house but that e.l.f. products are sold there!

Now if only they would get some of their awesome $1 primer to Target... Dreams and wishes do come true right?


Well gotta go.
Gotta finish cleaning my room... Before me lovely work week(end) begins tonight.

See ya later and thanks for stoppin' by!
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Another list...

I want to make a list for my future *gulp* wedding.
Which includes my engagement ring, wedding band and his wedding band.
There is so much that I would want and I don't even know where to begin!

I mean I don't even know if I really want to get married.
I am always up in the air about this topic. Marriage has been so crazy in my family and not sure if I truly believe in it. I love being in a relationship and just love having the title of "boyfriend/girlfriend"...
Husband and wife just seems so final and so ... I don't know.
Maybe I have some subconscious crazy ideas inside my head about commitments that make me think this way... who knows.

But I do love planning for this imaginary maybe not so much wedding of mine of ours.

Especially for the lovely rings I will have on my finger... if only Kev and I had enough money to get me real good bling...

But see, I want to be surprised with my ring. If I give him ideas I would already know. But if I don't... well he may or may not get it. He's pretty good at picking up hints but for this... for this big part of our lives... it might just freak him out and not know what to do without any of my help or suggestions...

Then again... he can surprise me like he did with my lovely Christmas present from last year. {my awesome Coach purse thank you very much. he did good!}

But this would be an even better surprise right?

Well something like this!
I think I'm worth it and I think I've deserved it.
I think I might have mentioned this in another post but I have made it a rule in my relationship with Kevin that in the first 5 years of dating he would NOT get me jewelry. Maybe even longer.
So in that case I can get a pretty nice size engagement ring right?
Is that fair?
I mean I don't want a ring that's worth $7,000! {or even the $28,000 one I tried on at Tiffany's!}
I would think that a $900-$2,000 ring is a pretty good range right?
What do you think?

But believe me, the only time I will get "diva like" is if he ever gets me an engagement ring that he got for $100 where people have to stare intently to look for the diamond...
Yeah. My friend's ex-fiance gave her a ring like that and ... well... I was disappointed for her. You can imagine how she felt.

Like I said, I don't want an overly expensive ring! But this might be the only single most expensive piece of jewelry Kev will EVER get me!

Anyways, it's gettin' uber late and I need to sleep before my presentation in about 12 hours.
Let me know what you think about all this.

More lists to come!
Thanks for reading!



I need to start making lists.

To-do list book.Image by koalazymonkey via Flickr
You know, lists of things I want right now and for the future.
For the past few 5 YEARS (!) I have made a list that included GRADUATION!
That list still is there sitting there with the following:
  • Pass N342 - Independent Practicum (the class I am taking right now. - did I mention it is MY LAST CLASS!)
  • Take Kaplan to help with my state boards/liscensure
  • Start as RN! (whoo hoo!)
Pretty good right? But all that is included under the categories of school, work... pretty much NO FUN!
Well, now that my finish line just came a heck of a lot closer {check my countdown on the right!} I want to make lists for my future house, future NEW car, future wardrobe, future VACATION! {i'm sooo very excited to do this last one!}

So I will soon start these lists on here and hope they aren't dorky. If you would like to help me write these lists look over to the right there and e-mail me or just write a comment below any of my posts including the label "lists for life".

I hope I have more time on my hands (although I doubt it... so much to do in less than a month for crying out loud!) with only one class... but I've said that before and I've barely had time to shave my legs shh. don't tell anyone... haha.

Ok. For now I gotta go back to looking up for pictures for my group presentation and getting a good song ... will tell ya later about that one. We're making our audience classmates get interactive tomorrow! Fun fun! =)

Take care and happy HUMP day!


Tori Spelling - Love her!

So she asked all her tweeps here to send her quotes and then she would use one and post a pic.
Guess what quote she picked???
It is a quote I love by the Dalai Lama as seen above.
I feel very cool.
{and a little dorky too. haha}
Tori and Dean: I love ya!
And love reading all your tweets!
Keep them coming!
Can't wait for spring to see more of your family on your show!


Can't wait...

To share my target run with you all! Very exciting!

More to come soon!
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