Conundrum... with a side of sexiness...

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It is almost 1 am and I am tired but yet I cannot fall asleep.
Have to wake up early to take Kev to work.
Really should go to sleep.
Need to be over at his house by 7am!

But I feel like I've neglected this lovely blog for too long!
It's been a long work week*end* for me.
Thank goodness it wasn't too busy.
Not too many babies born this weekend.

So anywho, been busy creating surveys for my class because we are planning out our Senior Celebration and our Pinning Ceremony. We have two parties basically to plan and it is so stressful and time consuming.
And with so many people with ideas and personalities that sometimes I wanna slap them in the back and say okay shush!

What I need is ideas though because we need to come up with lots and lots of $$$$$$ for our Pinning Ceremony - which is pretty much our Graduation.

I am on the fundraising committee and need help with coming up with cute and new ideas for fundraising. And if bringing awareness to anyting like breast cancer, autism, ovarian cancer, spina bifida etc. and we are able to make $$$$ more power to us. I was thinking of going to our local TV/Radio's and other companies around here and see if they would want to sponsor us at all.
Does anyone know how to go about and do that - other than picking up the phone and asking them personally!

I mean do we just go to them and ask for money and we just have their logo on our program or do we need to repay them with volunteer hours or what???

I need help with your ideas and seeing as the blogging community is so great and wonderfully creative I thought that asking you all would be fantastic to come up with different ideas. Please help me out! I will consider any and all ideas! Even if you would like to have your business (Etsy etc) included I would be more than happy to consider it and see what we can do.

Seriously accepting any and all ideas.

Seeing at it is almost 1:30 am I should go!

I will leave you with an awesome song by the ever so sexy Shakira!

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