Been awhile but...

Glad to be back!
I have much to say but not really anything interesting and super exciting.
Of course as you can see my countdown has begun to shrink into days until I graduate from nursing school!
Can I get an AMEN for graduation??!?!??!

Also I already have everything set up regarding my pinning ceremony and class and clinical (THANK GOODNESS!). I had to move around some time at work to manage some time for clinical. It's been going great! I really like the floor I'm on and my preceptor could not be more knowledgeable and awesome!
This tidbit makes clinicals so much better and enjoyable and worthwhile and also I get to learn things easier!!!

I bought my nursing pin (oooh!) which is crazy to spend $60 on a pin but whooofc??? I deserve it right about now. And I didn't go for the tiny little piece of crap that looks like it can get lost in about 5 seconds. I got the LARGE Sterling Silver one. I will get a picture up here once I get it .... and on my nursing blog which I have to update soon! haha

One of the main reasons I wanted to make a post is because of the wonderful thing that Jessica from The Bormann Twins is doing! For every comment she gets on her post, she is donating 2 oz of baby formula!!! How wonderful is that??? I love the backstory of why she is doing this too! Go over there and read it and COMMENT!!! It doesn't take long I promise! It took me about 15 seconds to click on post comments and leave a comment. Thanks!


In other news I have to tell you about my crazy cell phone story.

After the jump!
{Click on the link below for my story!!!}

So I have T-Mobile and I have a Blackberry Curve (which I love) ....
Until about a week ago... when the internet decided to stop working on me!
I thought that it was gonna be no biggie so I waited it out a few days and especially since I was super busy with class, clinical and well you know - LIFE - I let it go until Sunday night.
I called the customer service line which ended up bein' ... wait for it...

Why, you may ask, did I spend so much time talking with this guy from T-Mobile? Well he actually made my phone have a master reset which ... *sigh* was not pretty!
He thought at the time he was making me do this "reboot" of my phone that it would take a small amount of time (which is what I thought too)...
Well it was not. I pretty much got to know this guy fairly well too. His name is Caleb (I think that is how it is spelled) and he was from Alabama. It was painful at first... not knowing what was gonna happen with my phone yadda yadda yadda. Well after about 45 minutes of being on the phone with Caleb, he put me on hold to talk to the Blackberry people. Yeah. This is what they told him which he told me which made my heart rate drop:

"Well think of a book and how it has the index and the pages after it. Well a regular reboot just takes away the index and erases it. A master reboot tears the index out, shreds it, and takes a few of the first few chapters and burns it up!"

Ummm... WHAAAAAT?!?!?!?!??!

So Caleb and I were extremely nervous as each % on my phone went up ... He was not sure at all if the phone was gonna have anything on it and I was worried I needed to upload EVERY.LITTLE.THING on it again.

Well finally about 1hr and 45min into our phone call it reached 100%.
It turned on showed me the main screen and I saw that pretty much all my icons were there. I tried the internet (without the Wi-Fi on) and it worked! whoo hoo! right?

Well then I noticed that it did not have the little icon to set up my emails (which is pretty much the whole idea behind having this Blackberry). Caleb told me to do a few things and it still did not show up. So he said he sent me over the icon *supposedly* and that it may just take a little while until it comes up - and I should not have to worry since the internet was working again.

So I finally get to hang up with Caleb (which turned into an odd/funny/interesting convo) and I didn't fret too much about the e-mail set up thing. I had clinical the next morning so I had to sleep and not worry about a stupid email set up icon.

Went to clinical, went great, came home and ... no email icon yet.
I was frustrated. I needed my email! So I called customer service again and - *sigh* yeah. They were no help this time around. Plus not as friendly and apologetic as Caleb. And since all the freakin' T-mobile stores closed at 7pm (which was the time I got out of clinical) I wasn't able to go there.

Onto today (Tuesday). I go to the T-Mobile retail store, tell this nice girl Celena my story and she's trying to figure it out - she can't. She tells me that they have tech support come every Friday and Saturday from 7a-7p.
Guess what time my clinical is on Friday??? Yep. Those exact same freakin' hours!

So as my blood pressure begins to rise Celena tells me that another store has the tech support on Wednesday's but did not know at what time. She called them for me and told me they would be there from 11a - 7p.

And that is where I stand with my darned phone! Agh!!! This is sooooooo frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T-Mobile tech support people you best fix my darned phone or give me a new one tomorrow!
I'm not waiting any longer! Tomorrow is the day! I've waited long enough!

Anywho, thanks for reading my rant about my phone problems and hope you enjoyed it *insert sarcasm laughter here*.

So thanks for stopping by and don't forget to go comment!!!

Hope to be posting more as the days get easier for me and less stressful!

I hope to be posting before/during/after Thanksgiving.

What are your plans???

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