Another list...

I want to make a list for my future *gulp* wedding.
Which includes my engagement ring, wedding band and his wedding band.
There is so much that I would want and I don't even know where to begin!

I mean I don't even know if I really want to get married.
I am always up in the air about this topic. Marriage has been so crazy in my family and not sure if I truly believe in it. I love being in a relationship and just love having the title of "boyfriend/girlfriend"...
Husband and wife just seems so final and so ... I don't know.
Maybe I have some subconscious crazy ideas inside my head about commitments that make me think this way... who knows.

But I do love planning for this imaginary maybe not so much wedding of mine of ours.

Especially for the lovely rings I will have on my finger... if only Kev and I had enough money to get me real good bling...

But see, I want to be surprised with my ring. If I give him ideas I would already know. But if I don't... well he may or may not get it. He's pretty good at picking up hints but for this... for this big part of our lives... it might just freak him out and not know what to do without any of my help or suggestions...

Then again... he can surprise me like he did with my lovely Christmas present from last year. {my awesome Coach purse thank you very much. he did good!}

But this would be an even better surprise right?

Well something like this!
I think I'm worth it and I think I've deserved it.
I think I might have mentioned this in another post but I have made it a rule in my relationship with Kevin that in the first 5 years of dating he would NOT get me jewelry. Maybe even longer.
So in that case I can get a pretty nice size engagement ring right?
Is that fair?
I mean I don't want a ring that's worth $7,000! {or even the $28,000 one I tried on at Tiffany's!}
I would think that a $900-$2,000 ring is a pretty good range right?
What do you think?

But believe me, the only time I will get "diva like" is if he ever gets me an engagement ring that he got for $100 where people have to stare intently to look for the diamond...
Yeah. My friend's ex-fiance gave her a ring like that and ... well... I was disappointed for her. You can imagine how she felt.

Like I said, I don't want an overly expensive ring! But this might be the only single most expensive piece of jewelry Kev will EVER get me!

Anyways, it's gettin' uber late and I need to sleep before my presentation in about 12 hours.
Let me know what you think about all this.

More lists to come!
Thanks for reading!

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