Color line up

These are all my lovely nail polish colors I have...
What do you think?
Good selection?

Right now I am wearing an e.l.f. color nail polish. It's called 'Royal Purple'. Very pretty. I love e.l.f. products {if you haven't seen on my latest tweets... See above} and their nail polishes were 3 for $3 at no other than Target! Whoo hoo! No need for shipping cost and time. Love the convenience of not only having Target 5 minutes away from my house but that e.l.f. products are sold there!

Now if only they would get some of their awesome $1 primer to Target... Dreams and wishes do come true right?


Well gotta go.
Gotta finish cleaning my room... Before me lovely work week(end) begins tonight.

See ya later and thanks for stoppin' by!
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Elise said...

don't think I could choose....