Candies galore!

Everytime there is a presentation people give out candy.
My blood sugar HAS to be through the roof.
Can't take anymore!
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Marie S said...

My daughter is laughing with you, she says, "and why do they give out donuts and chocolate cake when they are doing health presentions at the hospital?".

I LOVE your new profile pic Sofia.
Love and hugs.
Have a great weekend.

SoFiA said...

Marie - Thanks for coming by!

Tell your daughter that made me laugh too... why is that??? Funniest thing when I see cake in a healthy presentation. =)
How is she doing with nursing school?

And thanks for the comment about my pic.

You have a wonderful weekend too!

Marie S said...

She has until the 21st of November. We are all excited!!!
I don't have to pick up after her anymore!!! Yay! I might be dreaming though. lol!
Have a great week.