I need to start making lists.

To-do list book.Image by koalazymonkey via Flickr
You know, lists of things I want right now and for the future.
For the past few 5 YEARS (!) I have made a list that included GRADUATION!
That list still is there sitting there with the following:
  • Pass N342 - Independent Practicum (the class I am taking right now. - did I mention it is MY LAST CLASS!)
  • Take Kaplan to help with my state boards/liscensure
  • Start as RN! (whoo hoo!)
Pretty good right? But all that is included under the categories of school, work... pretty much NO FUN!
Well, now that my finish line just came a heck of a lot closer {check my countdown on the right!} I want to make lists for my future house, future NEW car, future wardrobe, future VACATION! {i'm sooo very excited to do this last one!}

So I will soon start these lists on here and hope they aren't dorky. If you would like to help me write these lists look over to the right there and e-mail me or just write a comment below any of my posts including the label "lists for life".

I hope I have more time on my hands (although I doubt it... so much to do in less than a month for crying out loud!) with only one class... but I've said that before and I've barely had time to shave my legs shh. don't tell anyone... haha.

Ok. For now I gotta go back to looking up for pictures for my group presentation and getting a good song ... will tell ya later about that one. We're making our audience classmates get interactive tomorrow! Fun fun! =)

Take care and happy HUMP day!


Elise said...

ha ha, love this post !

Elise said...

ha ha, love this post !

SoFiA said...

Elise - thanks for comin' by! =)
glad you liked the post.