To my mom:

It is your birthday (which coincides with Whoopi's bday too!) and I feel so bad that I am not next to you to celebrate.
I wish you the best of days today on this Friday 13th and I hope to get to talk to you before the weekend ends.

I am still working on your present and I hope to get it to you before Christmas. I make no promises but you will get something!

I hope you understand if I don't get to talking to you because well I work ALL weekend!

I have so much going on and I know you do too and I miss talking to you because I have sooo much I wish I could tell you but it is not about me today. It is about you mom.

I miss you and love you very much!

I wish this ocean would shrink for a few days so we could just be a few hours away instead of a 10 hour flight!

Soon enough I am hoping to see you as I finish my degree in nursing!

Love you mom!

Try not to cry today as today is a celebration not a day to be sad we are not together. We will see each other soon. I just know it!

Now imagine I am giving you this cake and make a wish and blow out the candles:

Hope your wish comes true!


With all my love dear mom of mine,


Haddock said...

Nice letter

SoFiA said...

Haddock - thanks for stopping by! and for the nice comment too.