Heading to breakfast...

At Donald's Safari Breakfast in the Animal Kingdom!



We're planning on staying there for a little bit then maybe heading to Hollywood Studios again to do some of the rides we missed on the first day we got here.

We haven't gone on Toy Story Mania yet or Buzz Lightyear's ride or The Beauty and the Beast show! There were a few others we need to go to as well at Magic Kingdom and Epcot!

I also don't wanna miss going to Downtown Disney and the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian!
Oh so much to see and do!

Hope we get to see most of the things we want to then.

If not, we'll just come back. There is a discount that if we book now for our next magical visit, we get 40% off the hotel accomodations!

Oh I wish I could do those reservations!

Well, still waiting for the bus to Animal Kingdom!
For the first time this week (eek!) we actually tried to be on time and got up early to get to breakfast, the bus is late! Grrr...

I'll write ya later.

Magical things are calling!

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Prince Kevin at the Royal Table...

Sofia: Cinderella taught you how to stand like a prince.
Kevin: Alright! I can put that on a resume.

Ah. My prince.
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We are in Epcot today!
We are about to go on Test Track! It's been a good day so far. Hot like no other but heck - I'm in Disney!
Can't complain! Alright!
About to ride!
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We are in the magical world of Disney!

I'm blogging from Orlando and cannot express how excited and lucky I am to be here! We'll be heading to our resort soon and then off to Hollywood Studios (or old MGM studios) for an awesome day at Disney!
Our flights went well. Sucked that we had to get a connecting flight in Atlanta, GA but it wasn't much of a wait.
Kev and I are both tired and I wish I could sleep a little but sleeping is for later tonight!
We have loads to do today at Hollywood Studios. We have lunch reservations at 1:30 pm at the Sci-Fi Dine In restaurant.
Can't wait. Haven't had anything to eat yet but these cookies they keep serving us on the plane! Haha.
Later tonight we have dinner reservations at the 50s Prime Time cafe. Yum!
Sooo glad we got the Deluxe Dining Plan! We definitely won't go hungry this whole week!
Wish I woulda weighed myself to see how much I gain (and will later have to lose ... Haha! Here I come gym!) In the next week!
Well, off we go to Disney!
Will write later with a pic of us in our resort!
Yay Disney!

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So I went to NYC to Lisa Paige's ( PWP event last night and it was a hit!!!
I am sooo happy for Lisa and I finally got to meet her!
She was ridiculously cute and super friendly!
Her event couldn't of gone better!
She had plenty of vendors there from Broadway Nails doing manicures (and cute little freebies) to E.L.F. Cosmetics doing makeup (and also giving away lipgloss and eyeshadow) to Sephora who were there doing facials and makeup tips as well.
There were also many other vendors there to name but I got a goody bag filled with stuff that I need to vlog about later!
It was just so much fun and a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon with my two girls Quynh and Tina!
I loved it!
There was one funny mishap that happened outside of the club even before they opened the doors! I need to email/facebook message/call in to Lisa about this 'cause it needs to be told.
So we are waiting in line outside of Club Pacha and there is this lady (we'll call her Pink Dress Lady or PDL) who is wearing a very short pink dress, chain smoking, and sort of swaying side to side.
We're there hanging out waiting for the doors to open and for the bouncers/security to card us.
All of a sudden she is going to say something to her friend and she almost tips over the fence that was there next to the 92.3 NOW car. So she gets straightened up and Quynh is like "is that woman drunk??" To which my friend Tina replies "I'm not really sure..."
So we finish talking about how I fell
(yep I fell. I was walking fine then all of sudden my shoe somehow got stuck to a hole in the ground, I lost my balance and in slow motion I fell to my hands and knees. I completely lost aware of how I got to the cement sidewalk and got up to see the upper portion of my left foot bleeding. And I only looked down because I was wondering if I even hurt myself because I was more worried about my phone being cracked since I had it in my hand and it fell face down. But thank goodness for my Coach hard case because or else... Yikes. It woulda sucked even more than the scrape on my foot! But all is well for now. It hurts like hell with the neosporin and band aid I have on it but I'm fine!)
... And all of a sudden this PDL takes off her shoes, is swaying from side to side like a sailor on a ship, and her friend (PDL friend) is holding on to her elbow so she doesn't fall onto anyone in front or back of them.
So by now our suspicion of her drunkeness is pretty high and what happens next is unbelievable (especially at 545pm on a thursday afternoon before an event!).
As PDL friend (who is also tipsy-but not as bad as PDL) tells PDL to go lean on the wall, PDL tries to (unsuccessfully) sit down and she just falls down on her side as her bluetooth goes flying and her legs are now up in the air. She somewhat recovers after a nice girl helps her get her bluetooth back in her ear. Her friend is telling her "Keep your legs together!!! Legs - together - now!"
So we are all looking at them like "Are you freaking kidding me?? How dumb can you be to come drunk to this event?"
And as if it couldn't get worse PDL announces to the whole line of girls that "I've had a little vodka. But - but I'm ok."
We just try to ignore her and her friend at this point. But as soon as the line started to move and get carded, we see the one security guy (SG)tell her to come over to him.
She tumbles to him and is like PDL: "what's wrong? I have an ID."
SG: "well we can't have you go in the way you are now."
PDL: "why? What's wrong?"
(As everyone around them is like "really? You're really questioning him?")
SG: "well you are drunk ma'am. You're gonna have to leave."
PDL: "What? This is bull. Whatever."
PDLF: "come on. Let's get you home. Grab onto me. Wait wait. Take ur shoes off you can't walk for $h£¥ in ur shoes."
As soon as they were walking down the street (to possibly the next bar they can find) we forgot about them.
It was fun (even with the crazy drunk ladies in line) and cannot wait to back and see Lisa again! I hope to chat with her sometime.
It's so odd and yet so cool that I feel like I know her and that she's sorta like a long lost friend that I unfortunately don't get to hang out with as much as my own close BFF's. Haha. Sounds weird I know.
But I wish her all the best in her business and her life! She's such a great person and so down to earth that she deserves anything good that comes her way! I hope to see the pictures at of her and I and all her other fans soon. I'm at work right now so can't see them.
I'll post more of my pics soon... And as soon as Quynh sends me the pics she took as well! :)
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In the city!

We are here now in NYC getting pumped to go to Lisa Paige's Pampered with Paige Event at Club Pasha.

We're gonna go eat at Energy Kitchen and get some Tasti d lite before we head over there.

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Randomness... via pics and my voice!

Yummy Magnolia Cupcakes!

We made some amazingly delicious Magnolia Bakery cupcakes at Lauren's house on Wednesday night as we gathered for an all girls night. Here a smal video of how we made the cupcakes and the frosting! Yum!

I even got to take some home since we were just so full from the yummy dinner Lauren made for Tina and I!
I always have a great time with them.
It's great when I get to see them and it's so odd when we go weeks on end without hanging out.
So if you play close attention to the background in the pics, Lauren, and her hubby Ryan, absolutely L-O-V-E Disney! They have gone many time AND Ryan I believe at one time worked there! How cool is that right????
SO since Kevin and I have an impending vacation coming up I have been absorbing all their knowledge and any advice they are giving me for the trip!
I think I might just have to stay a couple extra nights... (I wish! haha)
More about Disney to come too!

Kevin and I are supposed to get together tomorrow to plan more about Disney and gather all of our things that we wanna bring down there for the week (clothes, itinerary, etc.) but I think I might just have to set up a small date with Lauren so she can give us a little more of an idea of good things to check out at every park and restaurant that we are going to.

Anywho... I'm heading to sleepy land soon.
I'll hopefully be back to update ... soon...