Yummy Magnolia Cupcakes!

We made some amazingly delicious Magnolia Bakery cupcakes at Lauren's house on Wednesday night as we gathered for an all girls night. Here a smal video of how we made the cupcakes and the frosting! Yum!

I even got to take some home since we were just so full from the yummy dinner Lauren made for Tina and I!
I always have a great time with them.
It's great when I get to see them and it's so odd when we go weeks on end without hanging out.
So if you play close attention to the background in the pics, Lauren, and her hubby Ryan, absolutely L-O-V-E Disney! They have gone many time AND Ryan I believe at one time worked there! How cool is that right????
SO since Kevin and I have an impending vacation coming up I have been absorbing all their knowledge and any advice they are giving me for the trip!
I think I might just have to stay a couple extra nights... (I wish! haha)
More about Disney to come too!

Kevin and I are supposed to get together tomorrow to plan more about Disney and gather all of our things that we wanna bring down there for the week (clothes, itinerary, etc.) but I think I might just have to set up a small date with Lauren so she can give us a little more of an idea of good things to check out at every park and restaurant that we are going to.

Anywho... I'm heading to sleepy land soon.
I'll hopefully be back to update ... soon...

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