We are in the magical world of Disney!

I'm blogging from Orlando and cannot express how excited and lucky I am to be here! We'll be heading to our resort soon and then off to Hollywood Studios (or old MGM studios) for an awesome day at Disney!
Our flights went well. Sucked that we had to get a connecting flight in Atlanta, GA but it wasn't much of a wait.
Kev and I are both tired and I wish I could sleep a little but sleeping is for later tonight!
We have loads to do today at Hollywood Studios. We have lunch reservations at 1:30 pm at the Sci-Fi Dine In restaurant.
Can't wait. Haven't had anything to eat yet but these cookies they keep serving us on the plane! Haha.
Later tonight we have dinner reservations at the 50s Prime Time cafe. Yum!
Sooo glad we got the Deluxe Dining Plan! We definitely won't go hungry this whole week!
Wish I woulda weighed myself to see how much I gain (and will later have to lose ... Haha! Here I come gym!) In the next week!
Well, off we go to Disney!
Will write later with a pic of us in our resort!
Yay Disney!

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