*feeling cheerful*

Aint it nice how a co-worker took the time to write this in a pt's white board in their room?

«Yeah I'm not too creative so I can't take the credit for it»

{how much does this suck?}

I have to work today... ugh!

And I really should get off my lazy ass and hop into the shower.

My hair is a disaster area. Not only is it dirty as all heck, it is not working with me lately.
{yes it is THAT dirty...}

I think I need to go to the salon and get it colored in the new year so I can have something different about me. It's been the same color and style for awhile now. The only problem is my hair colorist is not the best haircutter... So not only do I have to go to two different people but I have to spend twice the money! grr...
What do you think about these two hairstyles/hair colors:
Hmm... something to think about... I need my hair a bit lighter anyway so maybe I'll go with the first one.

But seriously it is almost 1 pm and if I wanna have enough time to get to work ON TIME today I need to shower like... NOW.

Ugh I hate working on any holiday... especially right now... but I need the money. Especially to pay for the hair coloring and possible cut.
Ok see you in the new year!
Possible post later... if work isn't too busy!


~it's over~

at least it's almost over.
I cannot believe that 2008 is almost behind us and 2009 is less than TWO days away!
I hope that everyone has an even better year in 2009 and that all your new year's resolutions go through the entire year.
My new year's resolution is to GRADUATE NURSING SCHOOL!!!
Along with graduating I plan on losing weight and being a better person than I was this past year.

Plus spending more time with family and friends.

Keep reading and be happy!


~Crazy weather~

It is end of december and its in the 60s. It was just snowing/raining/sleeting this past week! Crazy! But its windy too!
{Not complaining though}
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*Family Xmas Time 2008*


Cue the Ewoks: Star Wars Hits the Stage

12/22/2008 3:14 PM, E! OnlineJosh Grossberg
"A long time from now, in a galaxy far, far away...the Star Wars money machine will still be cranking.
Not content with seven feature films or myriad TV spinoffs ranging from the current Clone Wars cartoon series to the dreaded Star Wars Holiday Special, the Jedi masterminds are readying a stage show.
George Lucas has signed off on Star Wars: A Musical Journey, a two-hour live musical event featuring John Williams' Oscar-winning score.
Premiering next year in London's O2 arena, the production will be performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in sync with movie clips from the six live-action films. The show will play in chronological order, from The Phantom Menace to Return of the Jedi.
The production will blast off April 10 in the U.K. and then embark on a European tour, complete with an exhibition of rare Star Wars collectibles including never-before-seen models, props, costumes and production artwork. No word when it will visit America.
Now if we could only get a musical version of the Star Wars Holiday Special..."
{this should NOT be true!!!}

*Eartha Kitt: dies on a blue christmas*

"...It was a blue Christmas for fans of Eartha Kitt this week. Ironically, just as her distinctive, seductive voice was heard worldwide--crooning the perennial and much-loved Christmas classic "Santa Baby"
on radios from the North Pole to the South--the self-described "sex kitten" and former TV Catwoman was purring her final purr.
Eartha died on Christmas Day from colon cancer at age 81, making this the saddest Christmas celebrity death since James Brown passed away on Christmas 2006. Eartha will be very missed, but we will always remember her fondly--especially when we hear "Santa Baby" during all the holidays seasons to come."
--Posted Fri Dec 26, 2008 12:37pm PST by Lyndsey Parker in That's Really Week


*The 2008 Celebrity Baby Book*

Which is the most unusual baby name of 2008?

Bronx Mowgli
Harlow Winter Kate
Honor Marie
Ignatius Martin
Knox Leon
Nahla Ariela
Naviyd Ely
Sunday Rose
Zuma Nesta Rock

{Check them all out here}

*Opening xmas presents*