*pics from Kate Gosselin book signing*

This family was in front of me at the book signing and this little girl was SUPER excited about meeting Kate Gosselin. She was so cute.

These girls were very irritating - all I can say is they were DEFINITELY from high school. They were so immature and obnoxious I felt ashamed for their mom (the one in the back with the red shirt on). They kept saying and doing stupid annoying things... ugh... teenagers... yuck.
{yes i know. i was once a teenager... i think i would have hated myself for acting so immature as well... but hopefully i wasn't as bad as these girls were}

These two just reminded me of Kate Gosselin's hair cut at the beginning of the series. AND these two are mother/daughter.... hmmm. don't know what to think. they seemed nice i guess... just their same haircuts is somewhat odd... what do you think?

This is how crowded and where I started in line... I waited an approximate time of an hour and a half to see her for about three minutes and have her sign my three copies!

Crazy how many people came to see her!

She was just too cute! She posed with the little girl in front of me with the book. (the blue hand is handing Kate my books)

a bit closer here.

back waiting in the long line.

still waiting... inching closer to Kate.

If you look closely there is a photographer on the left. She kept taking pics of the crowd... maybe we'll be feature in their site... haha
SO as I kept going around the bends of books in this bible book store i saw some interesting things. ... Never knew they had BIBLE COVERS! ha!

Don't get me wrong but this sign saying: TEACHERS TOUCH ETERNITY...
does that suggest something to you???
I am a horrible person huh....?

I was trying to entertain myself and people watching is perfect for waiting in line so this is a great example. This girl kept putting this bottle in her mouth.... yuck!!!!!!!!!!

The poor baby who had to drink out of this!
Doesn't she know how GERMS are spread to babies????
Plus I understand you're a fan, you have your own kids and whatnot... but bringing a baby/newborn to a germfest book signing???
Man this country really is low educated huh? it's scary.
Thank you KATE GOSSELIN! You brought us great joy coming to the little city of Whitehall, PA (where it was crazy to travel to and from).
{I bet that this was the only time this many people were at this bible book store at the same time... haha... again i am a horrible person ain't I?}

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