*baking and wrapping*

These were some of the cookies I made today... I was baking pretty much for about two to three hours straight!
Then it was time to wrap presents and we did good. (Kev was getting really tired though... as was I)Still need to wrap up more presents though.
How cute is Kev though? (he's a HUGE Simpson's fan) Gotta love the wrapping paper (and his Pilsbury doughboy shirt!)

Last but not least this is the wonderful smiley face my dad made with tape I used to put lights up with. (he did not like how I put the lights along the side of our stairs... *SIGH*)
But at least he put the tape to good use. The smiley face will be there for awhile... hehe

{my dad is a BIG HUGE fan of smiley faces}

{it's his bday tomorrow... yes he's a xmas baby!}

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