*Xmas shopping and my big sweet tooth*

I think I might have a sweet tooth... what do you think???

I have yet to finish my xmas shopping.
I forgot I work today so all my plans are shot to finish up my shopping.
Plus I have to bake all the cookie dough I bought (see above)... although I don't have to do them all tomorrow. But I promised I would bake stuff for my dad's xmas party at work so he'll have something to take other than chips and dip.
{aren't I a nice daughter???}
-get off my lazy ass
-dress for work and get face on
-fix my room ... a little... at least my bed
-go to UPS store and return books
-work... ugh.... working sucks but it helps me pay for all the cookie dough and brownies (can't forget the brownies)
-come home and start baking...

-WAKE UP EARLY!!!!!! (BEFORE 10 AM...)
{i'll try}
- finish baking cookies
-go to school and register for my class to audit
-buy lottery tickets for xmas cards
-fill out christmas cards/send them out
-wrap presents
-go to toy store...
yay! christmas is almost here!!!
{that's what i have to look forward to... then it will all be over}
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