Wanna hear some I heard today?

ok the boy is going to be BT, girl one is going to be TJ, girl two is going to be LK, and girl who told me the gossip will be CC.

So LK has/had a crush on BT. BT pretty much was like a guy and didn't pay attention to her even though he knew she liked him.

Well lately TJ has been eyeing BT up.
So at last weeks xmas party TJ and BT apparently hooked up and she stayed at BT's for the WHOLE WEEKEND. Now what to do you think happened?

or this:

Yep you guessed right. It was choice 1.

So LK saw them and heard TJ was going home with her "lover boy" BT and started to cry and get upset (as drunk in love girls do at xmas parties).

and tonight he wasn't feeling good and apparently he went to our other coworker and said he had something in his mouth that wasn't right.

now WHY would you do that??? go to your DAMN doctor not a coworker who happens to be a nurse... but she wasn't YOUR nurse! i mean come on!

and tonight BT wasn't feeling good and one of our other coworkers (a nurse) offered to give him a ride home after work. (which they were still at work as I was leaving). and LK was so pissed and jealous of that fact.

the best part is that BT isn't even that good looking and neither is TJ or LK... well maybe LK but still.

oh how i love office gossip.

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