*I've been slacking!*

So its already Dec 3rd and I haven't posted anything on my black friday. I hope to be able to do more tomorrow.
I have an interview with another dept in the hospital I work at. I hope it works out!!! {Wish me luck}
But this is a cute little penguin I saw at Bath and Body Works on Black Friday (BF). {Have I mentioned I LOVE PENGUINS??? .... Oh I have, haven't I?}
This saturday I plan on decorate my house/room/outside lawn with lots of pretty decorations and lights.
More pics to come from my shopping. I got really cute things on BF @ Old Navy and some other stores.
Yankee Candle was a must. I might just do a vlog for ya to see instead of me writing it in. It might just work better (for me anyway).
I make this blog as if anyone is reading... Haha.
Oh well. I might not get as many hits as some of the blogs I read like rockstar diaries, life with lily and of course pampered with paige but I will continue to post on here cuz I know one day I'll look back (and maybe my loved ones will) to see what I was thinking about at this specific moment.
Ok. I best go to sleep. I need to keep a fresh head to meet with this lady who sounds very pleasant on the phone. I feel bad though because she called me as I was waking up today to go to work and I wasn't prepared for her! I had to run to get my calendar and answer questions without thinking... Ugh. I just hope this interview goes well ... I really loved this clinical rotation and I hope I can start working there so I can make a better transition once I become a GN.

=) «thinking positively»

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