*i hate bad news*

Especially so close to christmas and the lovely holidays.

I had yet another busy day at work and Kev kept calling me over and over. Usually he just calls or texts to see when I would go on break.
Well feeling he had something urgent to tell me I picked up my cell in the middle of work and he told me his grandmother had suffered a heart attack and that she was in the hospital. I felt horrible.

I mean why now? Why ever? I feel so bad for his family.

They recently diagnosed his grandfather with kidney cancer and now his grandmother.

ugh. i hate bad news during the holidays.

i just hope she gets better before christmas so she won't have to spend it in the hospital instead be with us and spend her time with us.

we'll see. i'm going to visit her tomorrow and see what they are saying about her prognosis.

will keep posting about this horrible hiccup.

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