*gift #3 i want: Hungry Girl (as approved by Lisa Paige) and Kelly Ripa's new oven*

This book has been recommended to me from many people including the great Lisa Paige (haha like I personally know her!)

Anywho, it would be a great thing to add to my small but growing set of cookbooks. And staying healthy is always a plus with cooking!

To help me with the cooking portion I would like this to come with the Hungry Girl cooking book:

As seen on TV with the b-e-a-utiful Kelly Ripa showing it off!

So what's the coolest way to keep your designer bags in order?
Do it the Kelly Ripa way: put it in your new Electrolux fridge!

{Which I also wouldn't mind owning, mind you.}

And this stove! If I had money coming to me and got a new house I would DEFINITELY buy all of the above and this amazing STOVE!

{Kelly Ripa pictures found here}
{Stove pictures found here}

{Is that too much for gift idea #3?????}

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