{how much does this suck?}

I have to work today... ugh!

And I really should get off my lazy ass and hop into the shower.

My hair is a disaster area. Not only is it dirty as all heck, it is not working with me lately.
{yes it is THAT dirty...}

I think I need to go to the salon and get it colored in the new year so I can have something different about me. It's been the same color and style for awhile now. The only problem is my hair colorist is not the best haircutter... So not only do I have to go to two different people but I have to spend twice the money! grr...
What do you think about these two hairstyles/hair colors:
Hmm... something to think about... I need my hair a bit lighter anyway so maybe I'll go with the first one.

But seriously it is almost 1 pm and if I wanna have enough time to get to work ON TIME today I need to shower like... NOW.

Ugh I hate working on any holiday... especially right now... but I need the money. Especially to pay for the hair coloring and possible cut.
Ok see you in the new year!
Possible post later... if work isn't too busy!


Kimberly Julie said...

Aw! So sorry you have to work... but make that money, honey! ;)

KSBL said...

I know ... gotta think about the money!