My sanity ...

.... is about to come back!!!
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I just completed a long clinical weekend of 12 hour shifts and I have just one more left!!!

Could not be more excited!

It's been fun and great learning experience via my preceptor Lori {she's awesome by the way!}, but it's about time I finish with clinicals!!!
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So we here on the northeast U.S. just had a really bad snow storm on Saturday and it was pretty scary to drive home in my tiny little car. No 4-wheel drive = very scary drive home. Luckily the roads were not too slippery and my car decided it loved me for the weekend and turned on and was working just fine.
But now that I say that watch it not work tomorrow when I need to run a few errands!

In other good news, I get to put up all my decorations up for Christmas festivities and I'm going to try to go big this year! I need to because I am celebrating my graduation and a great end of a great year!
Plus I love decorating AND I don't have to worry about getting anything done or any finals because all of that is done and over with!!! Whoo hoo!

I cannot believe that I am almost done and I can almost say good bye to my college. I have debated about telling you where I am graduating from but I think I have said some bad things about this college that I might just keep it private after all. It might have slipped in other posts but I won't remind you now... hehe. Some things still have to remain private right???

I have so much to catch up on!
  • Laundry
  • TV shows (online time all day tomorrow!)
  • cleaning
  • decorating
  • errands
  • sleep
Maybe this will make me remind myself of things I have to do.
Have I mentioned I love lists before? I do. If I don't write it down, I'll forget!
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My dad is going to go to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular in NYC with my 3 cousins (it is his Christmas present to them) and I cannot go!!! I was afraid that I was gonna have to schedule a clinical day but I didnt but better safe than sorry right? .... grrr... still slightly jealous of them though!
I just cleared my memory card on my camera so my dad can take it and he can take many many awesome pictures and I shall post them here for your viewing pleasure.

Blogs I promise to make an honest effort to take some time and get you all caught up! I feel so out of the loop without going online all the time to check on my blogs and others ... it's weird when that happens! haha
Feels like something is missing in my life!

Ok. Gotta go catch some of that sleep I was talking about. VERY tired after a long 12 hour day shift clinical.
My feet huuuuurt!

Have a great night/day!


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