Do you believe...?

...those commercials from Publishers Clearing House that give those people those big checks and go to their home?
You know... these:

Are they for real?
How much money do they actually get?
Do these people get the FULL amount of money that they say they give them?
Like seriously.
$1 million?????
Just a random check for $1 million??????
How much tax is taken out?
I  mean... seriously.

Do you know of anyone who has won and what they have had to do (other than submit stuff online!).
There has to be a catch.
Like buy a certain amount of things from their sponsors once you win etc etc...

Please someone tell me this is not a joke so maybe I can go online and apply.

Ever since they were on Oprah I can't stop seeing those commercials and thinking about applying... should I?
Would you?


p.s. they sure are funny to watch the "reactions" of people who "won" though! haha

this one is even funnier!

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