All things I love...

It's official.

I have a partner!

Ok. Let me explain.
Mrs. Stacey Sargent from Love and Photographs has made a "All things I love" swap possible with many, many, many of her lovely readers.

I decided to participate and I am happy to say that Katie from The Mortensen Family is my partner!

Here are the rules:
1. Get in contact with your partner and exchange addresses.
2. Gather all your favorite things to share with your partner (cost is $20-$25)
3. Ship out your package on June 1st. That way everyone will get it about the same time!

It's exciting!
I have yet to find all the things I love to send to her... luckily I have until June 1 to gather them up and send it to her!
Once I send it to her and she gets my package I will post pictures of it on here.
And vice versa when she sends me a lovely package!
I hope I can be as creative as Stacey was when she sent her own package awhile ago.
I have some ideas on what to include in the package but I want to make sure it comes out great!

Thanks to Stacey for putting this together!!!

{I haven't celebrated my 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th or 600th post but this one is my 615th and wanted to celebrate! Man I have lots of thoughts huh??? haha! thanks for reading...}


katie diana said...

the swap sounds so exciting! I will have to jump on board next time.

kSbl said...

Oh you should!
I still have to search for stuff to send her but it's coming together slowly...
Thx for visiting!

umama said...

Thanks for following along on my blog :0) And I'm in on the swap too! So exciting... my first one and I have a bunch of ideas!!!