I'm frustrated

I have been lookin and lookin over this blog and I cannot flippin figure this crap out!
The sidebar was showing perfectly, then it was all the way at the bottom, then it disappeared, then it came back to the right, and now it is back to the bottom. I have no idea what happened but I think it has something to do with the last two posts. Because between them there is no border and they are from two different dates...
The help forum thing I went to for blogger helped me at first and I figured it out. It was fine. I was looking at some things, refreshed and then BAM! Same problem again. The damn left sidebar was at the bottom.

Someone get me away from this blog before I explode.

But see the thing is if you click on each post individually, you can see the sidebar there. So it can't be the problem from the beginning which was my videos on my one post were too big! But I fixed all of them! I even fixed the pictures in my last post for crying out loud!
I don't understand.

I'm frustrated.
So hopefully this post will fix it and just keep me on track. I am so flippin behind on things to do before work tonight!

I have yet to clean anything!
I have yet to bathe myself!
I have yet to nap!!! agh!!!

ok. here's to hoping!

if not then, readers will just have to deal! just keep scrolling down!
You'll see the follower things at the bottom somewhere! haha
and my contact info as well.

just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling....

p.s. i'm THIS.CLOSE to saying OK someone expert at this! I'll pay you to make my blog look nice!
p.p.s. the weird thing is that my other two blogs {see here and here} are absolutely fine.... maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't change my layout so much huh... hmm...

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