Wal-mart trip

So Wal-Mart is one of our favorite places to go to (we go at the very least once a week... no lie!) Hence, these are some pics from trips to a wal-mart. I love the shirt my bf has on because it's just so cute! Isn' it??? Well I think so anyway!
I had heard about this product and wanted to see how it works and well... its pretty awesome. It's all natural so it's good for the environment and it works great on cleaning my sink to my floor. I just got the spray but there are products for cleaning your toilet and everything around the house. So if you want to be environmentally minded: get this product! It's not strong even though it's clorox product so I love that!
And on to the halloween aisle we went! Can you believe they are having candy for halloween already????? I mean it's only the beginning of September for crying out loud!!!
I got this OFF! product because my aunt and I have gotten bitten so much that we need extra products to rid off bugs! So since we're going out this weekend we can use this! It's supposed to not be greasy and water-resistant. We'll see how that goes!
I absolutely love these wipes!!!!!!!! I have become such a neat freak and these wipes help clean up messes and leave a great fresh clean smellbehind! And it is not strong either! Plus I don't need to use soap and water it just pops up and I take one. They are incredible! I first saw them on TV and wanted to try them! I tried the orange tub first and loved it - so of course I saw this 2-in-1 which all together has 150 wipes and I went right for them! I love them! I completely recommend them!

Well I 'll end with cute pics of Odie (the pup), my bf and I:

Aren't we all cute???

FYI: That is a dress I am wearin' and I love it because it is simple and comfy! I love dresses again!

Oh I have to get some pics of the shoes I got at the VF outlet the other day!


Work is a calling!


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