Monday + me - money = no new fresh products!

I was talking about the fresh product i used last night on my other blog and let me tell you it is great. It's a face cleanser and it left my skin free of makeup and my skin was nice and soft! Couldn't believe how soft my face was. It was great!
So as I finished my other posting I was searching and looking for other products of fresh and came upon their candle section. Did not know they made candles so I clicked on one and found that they used to spice up the mood between you and your honey. Like this candle:

This is the description of the candle which makes me really want to buy this and put it in my boyfriends room so ... well read on:

CANNABIS SANTAL CANDLE is a seductive blend of patchouli, dark chocolate, vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla musk, and an alluring cannabis accord. The room is filled with a mysteriously entrancing scent that drives both men and women absolutely wild.
Unique blend of waxes preserves the fragrance until the last minute.
Lead-free wick creates a clean flame.
Bakelite lid protects the candle and preserves the fragrance.

Only bad thing is it's $48 for one! Crazy... but it's just so pretty and probably smells very yummy. Also, my other deal is I have to smell the candles I want before I buy them! So unless I can go to the NY store I don't think I'll be buying this pretty thing anytime soon! IF it were cheaper then I would take a risk but... yeah.

They have these other scents as well: Rose baie, Sake, Sugar, Sugar Lychee, and Violette,

Plus I bought 4 candles at Wal-Mart the other day for $4 so that's better than nothing. But I'd rather have a wick that creates a clean flame rather than make my walls black! Grr.

These are the ones I got: Warm apple pie, Garden Rain, Fresh Cotton (which I am burning right now), and Pumpkin Spice.

I thought that these would reflect great as the summer drifts away and fall begins to show again!

I am also searching through and their fall favorites. Let me just say: ahh.

There so many gorgeous coach purses! I'm going to try to find the purse this other blogger had on her post. It's this goreous velvety color and I fell in love with it when I saw it on her blog.
Isn't it gorgeous even though it's $348??? If only I were rich and were able to afford these. I was actually thinking of signing up with the website that you can rent out luxury purses just like in Sex and the City movie. Jennifer Hudson is "poor" (as are 90% of young women in the U.S.-im just guesstimating here) in the movie and she rents her LV and Coach bags so she doesn't have to buy them... I already am renting my textbooks so why not luxury bags right??? I'll have to check it out.

There's also a larger size of this bag:

If I were to chose, I would rather have this bigger one. I have way to much stuff to carry around to have a little one. But there are those rare occasions where I do go out and only need money, ID, and keys where I could use these:

This one (^) is ZOE SIGNATURE CAPACITY WRISTLET and it's $128.

Why is this one more expensive than the wristlet??? Intriguing question right?

Well I'll go for now. Stare at the pretty pics because I will probably never own one... but renting sounds fab! I'll update later on Bag Borrow or Steal.
See ya!

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