Love shopping and hate spending money. But I got this adorable thing for the fall. Will put up pick once I have it up. I actually want to wait to see if I can get it cheaper in the outlet stores we'll be going to later today. These are my cousins:
Aren't they cute? They were both reading mags with Hannah Montana/Miley Cirus. I seriously better not see Miley turning into a whore. I'll be so pissed! Anywho I bought tarts at Yankee Candle (which is awesome by the way) and I bought tart "burner/melter" that is a leaf.

I bought 4 tarts: Macintosh, Willow breeze, Island Spa, Sun and Sand.
They all smell yummy! Like I said I am going to try to get more at the outlet stores later today. Hopefully I'm lucky and they are on sale!
Ok gotta go!
Will update with all the shopping!

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