I barely...

mention my other two blogs I have.
(which can be found on the right side of this page... fyi)
But I just posted about pregnancy advice (no. i'm not pregnant. it's from another lovely blogger I found... ) on one of my other two blogs:
I made this blog up because I wanted to share a little of the nursing world with others and I felt that my main blog wouldn't be suffice.
Hence Nursing Ventures.
I don't post much on there since I am not a nurse yet, but I am trying to put posts about new bloggers I find that give either pregnancy advice or just have cute, funny, crazy, and any type of pregnancy stories (yes even sad ones about demises and abortions... hey that is life...) they can, and are willing, to give out to the world.
So if you know any or know of anyone who is willing to share, let me know!
It will help me understand pregnancy a lot better! Which would hopefully make me a better nurse!
Another purpose for that blog is to tell all of MY adventures in the labor room (which i love btw). since I work in one now, I would be hopeful that I will gain more knowledge and be able to post it on there!
Yet another purpose for that blog is for me to tell about my "adventures" or "misfortunes" while I am in nursing school (and once I graduate, I hope to work in the Labor and Delivery unit as a RN. It's my passion and one of my life goals to be a labor nurse...)
So if from time to time I post on there, I will just do a little post on here about it... so maybe (just maybe) some of you who check this blog, will check that one as well.
Ok... back to your regurlarly scheduled programming...

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