Boy meets girl kinda movie - a love story? apparently not!.

watch this:

and comment below if you think it will be awesome and you need to see it...


you don't like it and just want to walk away!

Tell me tell me!
This movie actually makes me think of my bff Quynh. She is such a non-commitment whore (yep. you read right.). She hates talking about marriage, kids, big white fence, moving in together, and the "future" of her boyfriend and herself. She has been with the same man for over 5 years now and she is soooooo afraid of commitment it is sooo not funny.
They have broken up and gotten back together more times than i can remember!
She told me that her boyfriend asked about her ring size (yeah i know... *gasp*) and she started freaking out! (and not the good kind of freaking out... the kind where she went bazercko and said noooooo way i'm getting engaged/married/tied down/put a ball and chain on me...)
Actually she told him she didn't want a ring ...
my dear Quynh... will you ever get married so i can through you the best bacholerrette party in the world?!?!?!? come on woman! grow some balls and move in together!
I'll treat it like it was your wedding!
She'll never get married.
Wow. I really should start writing about her more.
She's an interesting character...
and one of the most awesomest persons i know.
{sorry Quynh. it's my blog. your my bff. gotta tell stories of someone else but my own sometimes...}

{thanks le love for posting this. i want to see it. can't wait!}

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