Wednesday's and/or Thursday's

are night's where Kevin comes over and we make dinner instead of goin' out.
I believe last week we made burritos {pics to come}.
This week we made chicken alfredo - from scratch!
Kevin even actually helped cook and clean up!
I am lovin' him for that!
For an appetizer Kevin decided he wanted bruschetta (not home made... will be working on that) with cheese (my idea and for his delight) on top of bread.
It was ever so yummy but I wish I wouldn't have filled up on soooooo much bruschetta because I only had a small plate of chicken alfredo.
But I would like to thank Kev for having this great idea for our dinner nights.
At the same time, we watch TV and we are becoming extremely excited when Wheel of Fortune comes on... how weird are we???
But we love that show and scream at the TV and are like "seriously dude/dudette? why couldn't you solve that????!!?!" He makes me smile.
After that we watched Scrubs and Into the Motherhood followed by the
most amazing
love to hate
TV show
Yep. We are fans. Ever since the show started and we have all seasons that are out on DVD.
We are just as lost as the ppl on the island and this week was just a stupid thing about the Oceanic 6... but next week looks goooooooood!
I always scream at the TV when this show ends.
And "WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" is always a common thing coming out of my mouth every week at the end of this show.
Are you entertwined and in love with this show as well???

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