Yep. I did it.

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I went to the gym!
Who said I couldn't do it? Huh? HUH???
Anywho, let's see if I keep at it the rest of this week!
Can I?
Will I?
Well I should - unless I want to weight too much and then my heart will stop working...
I don't want that to happen.
I kinda need my heart.
It kinda keeps me going every day.
Especially when I need to be a hopeless romantic and cry at the cheesy romantic and cute commercials.
Plus I need it to pump blood to the rest of my body.
That would help as well.
So if I don't exercise my heart might get clogged and that isn't right because my heart has been good to me.
It doesn't deserve the fat and grease I feed it every time I pop a french fry in my mouth.
It really is taken for granted the heart.
I can't feel it unless Irun up the stairs and are running out of breath by the time I hit the second floor of a 3 floor apt complex...
Or up the one set of flight of stairs to my room from the living room.
So really. It's not just to look good that we should all workout.
It's to give that great organ of ours a little help.
Help that it has always asked of us silently as it sits there between membranes, tissues, muscles, bones and lungs.
Give your heart a little love every once in awhile.
Go workout.
Make it beat fast so it can speak to you - it will thank you later - when you can no longer move as fast as you can now.
Enjoy the endless possibilities that your heart gives you while your young.
Because once you decide to grow up and stop caring for yourself and start caring for those around you, your heart will care for you because it knows that you cared for it once.
When you were young. When you went to workout. When you ran that extra 30 seconds on that treadmill. When you thought you were gonna fall off but didn't and at the end of the run how great it was to feel the sweat roll down your brow to your cheek.
See the heart remembers that. Even though you just think it's sheer hurtful at that moment, your heart is content to be exercising itself and get extra strength to help you out when you forget about it.
The heart is caring.
So care for your heart now.
Stop eating that cheeseburger and fries and milkshake.
Go workout.

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