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Something we take for granted, do we not???
I get home tonight and I open the door and go to turn on the light in my living room.
Go turn on the light outside of my house.
I start freaking out.
Looking for a flashlight in the dark... not cool.
Keep looking...
Not one flashlight!
So I turn on my video phone which has a really cool light that pretty much worked as a flashlight throughout this whole process.
(thank you to my blackberry!)
I told Kev (who dropped me off thank goodness!!!!!) to wait for me to take the garbage out so I then proceeded to call him to park the car and come in to help me look @ the breaker ...
which is in the basement...
which I think is creeepy to begin with...
and without light???
Even creepier!
Well 15 minutes later I found out that on my second floor my whole entire wall was not working: Not my light that I turn on as I walk in.
Not my light for my turtle Squirt.
Not the little digital picture frame I have.
Not the record player/CD player.
Not half of my kitchen appliances.
(thank goodness my fridge wasn't affected... that woulda been a DISASTER!!!)
Not my 1/2 bathroom or any of the kitchen lights.
So when my dad got home from work, we went downstairs again to check on the breaker turned on/off every.single.switch.possible.
We gave up after 5 minutes because we were both tired and he has to get up early tomorrow for work.
But as he was showering the hallway light came on (which was part of the problem) and then I went to check and stuff was working...
But without the same enough energy.
We think it has something to do with our water heater.
It has been shutting off every once in awhile and now I think it is DEFINITELY affecting other parts of our house.
Such us our lights.
And appliances.
Which is!!!
I mean we pay our electric bill every month ON TIME and now this happens???
We'll definitely have to get a new water heater.
I don't even wanna know how much those go for nowadays.
But I am planning on helping my dad pay for half of it at least.
He works so hard for everything we have.
Especially this little house we call home.
Before this, I really took electricity for granted.
I feel so blessed about other things I have... but electricity... not so much.
Now this problem of ours has shed light (no pun intended) onto my many blessings that I do take for granted everyday.
So I want to thank all my lucky stars and my guardian angel for caring for me as well as they have.
I just don't know what I would do without electricity.
Would you???

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