Kevin l-o-v-e-s mexican food hence: Burrito night...

As I said before, we come together and eat... and have so much fun!
The top left pic is of all the burritos we made and ...
believe it or not
Kevin ate 80% of all of those!
I only ate 2 1/2 of those.
They were good but... I couldn't eat anymore than that.
Kevin was stuffed and somewhat sick... yet he loved it!
Oh and did I mention he LOVES fruit punch???
Everytime he comes over this happens:
K: "Can I get something to drink?"
S: "Yeah. Help yourself babe. Mi casa es tu casa."
K: "Sweet. You have any fruit punch?" {opening the fridge}
S: "Yep. You haven't been over for awhile so we have a full carton."
K: {gulp gulp} "What?"
S: {laughs}
about an hour later...
K: "I'm still thirsty..."
S: "Well get something to drink. Fruit punch?"
K: "Ummm... i kinda finished that already..."
S: {smiling} "o-k then... lemonade?"
K: "Nah. I'm too lazy to get up and get something anyway... are ya gonna finish yours?"
S: "maybe..." {watching TV}
K: {gulp gulp gulp}
S: {reach for glass... feels ligther} "Hey!"
K: "It was like that when I got there." {smiling with a lemonade 'stache}
Have I mentioned:
I LOVE this man????

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Meg Fee said...

me too!!!!!! i love mexican food too!!