Happy happy MONDAY!

And the race is off...
with another week speeding by with many things to do!
I am starting a new thing on here.
{hoping that I will keep it up}
Every Monday morning I will post what is scheduled on my calendar so far...
i.e. work, classes, practicing skills, training, yoga... etc.
So here goes...
Weekly Calendar Monday's starts NOW:
Monday - grocery shopping, get gas, showering, updating blog(s), TV watching (if possible: Ellen and Oprah and the news), make dinner, and go to work @ 7p-7a.
Tuesday - sleep, sleep, sleep until maybe hopefully 3-4p, eat late lunch, possible TV watching...?, get ready for work, and work 7p-7a.
Wednesday - oh sleep how i adore thee until 2:30ish, make some appointments.... maybe while TV watching, Yogalatte class @ 4p-515p, home prob shower, then go from there... should study, update blog(s).
Thursday - shower, eat ... something, meet friend Nicole to practice skills/meet with skills instructor @ 10a, grab... lunch?, meet Deanna (will explain who this is after my meeting with her) @ 12noon, after that... free as a bird... to do... i don't know yet... but probably can do ALOT... because I have alot of things to do... organize/clean and such, update blog(s).
Friday - eat, update blog(s), clean up around house, make dinner, rest before work (more Ellen and Oprah maybe...?), work @ 7p-7a.
There ya have it!
My week.
Nah. Not yet.
Nursing school is coming.
It'll get a whole heck of a lot crazier after I start classes again...
Sooooooooo dreading it!
And what are your plans this monday?
Is it nice where you are?
Here not so much.
It's supposed to rain and be cold and yucky
That's spring weather for ya.
But I can wait for the humid and stuffy hot weather... yep.
That much I am sure of.

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