i should be...

sleeping like him.
but i am more like this:

i am just randomly goin here and there to watch this or that...
read an article here and there.
get a dose of my daily fixings...
i am still tired and sleepy but i can't seem to go to sleep again.
once i wake up to pee... i cannot lay in bed anymore... night shift is a stinker!
but let me tell you, after last night i really started liking all the nurses and they made me feel welcome. which i completely appreciate!
maybe i will eventually get used to nights... i am a better person at night because I am sooooo not a morning person!
ok ... let's see if trying to sleep will work out...
yeah. who am i kidding!
Ellen is on in 1/2 hour and then Oprah... yeah. i'm goin to sleep. haha
to do list today:
eat leftover food from yesterday.
get gas in my car.
go to bank.
get eyebrows/upper lip waxed... you do NOT wanna see what I see in the mirror! It's like a little jungle growin on my face... that's just me!
update my food journal. I was a slacker last night because we were way too busy last night.
Call my aunt about tomorrow. we have a baptism to go to... need to find out if i should buy them something or what...
print out pics of Odie and Kev's fam.
get a lock at wal-mart for work locker.
make payments online.
be a little sad that my paycheck will be 99% gone by tomorrow!
be happy and smile today.
hug and kiss Kevin when he comes home from work.
give the weather outside a piece of my mind... why don't you go away winter already!?!?!?!?!?
what are your weekend plans???

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