Can you guess the restaurant???

Yeah I didn't notice all the fancy furniture and wonderful clocks that were in the restaurant when we first walked in.

But then Kev pointed out the seating area and I was like: WOW.
I l-o-v-e the lighting fixtures and especially the clocks that were EVERYWHERE.

And the bathroom!
Both the women's and men's bathrooms were soooo nice and clean.
And the STARS along the walls as decor were fab-u-lous!

So what restaurant did we stop in and were EXTREMELY surprised about the decor and cleanliness....................
*drum roll*

it was .......... MCDONALD'S!!!!!!
It was amazing. We could not believe it.
But after discussing it, we decided that they probably had all the fancy decor because it was so close to stores that were high-end and they were trying to grant appeal to those types of shoppers.
{and yes, we are included in with these shoppers.... but believe me! we are NOT rich or buy stuff at the super expensive prices. we look for sales! PLUS we ate at McDonald's... WITH coupons and sharing of fries and a drink... Kevin loves orange Hi-C ... he always gets it when we get fast food... or anytime we share a drink... .}

we had LOADS of fun that day... especially me taking pics of all the awesome clocks... what do you think?

and do you have any fancy McDonald's like this one in your area???


Anonymous said...

I love the design and the material… Commercial Restaurant Furniture India looks fabulous.

KSBL said...

I do too.
Thanks for the site. It had many furniture selections that were similar and fab!


Kimberly Julie said...

mickie d's is getting swanky lately! find one in the middle of nowhere and you are quickly reminded of their tacky roots, though! haha.