Haha. I'm mean.

So you know how you park and go inside the store and then come out and find that the spot in front of you is open so you can just pull out???
Well that's what happened today.
I saw the spot was open and I was about to pull out when this old haggard pulled in front of my car. At first I was just gonna leave. But then I saw her making faces, rolling her eyes, and kinda looked annoyed that I was taking so long.
So now I've been in my car for about 10 minutes looking intermittently at her and she is pissed. She hasn't turned off her car.

Oh wait! She's putting her hat on! Will she concede???

The worst part is I have to get gas and go home and make kev din din.

YES!!!!!!! Success!!!!! She left!


Was I mean not letting her just pull forward?????

I THINK.... NOT!!!!!!!!!

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KSBL said...

well karma is going to bite me for that one huh?