Date night... continued

So we went to Best Buy, five Below, then to Target.
Here are some pics from Target:
Kevin wanted to be funny and try to take me away from the jewelry section of Target.
I had to take a silly picture.

Then I modeled for him in different hats.
He's good at telling me what fits and what looks good on me.
He couldn't tell me yay or nay about the hats... because I don't wear them all the time.
This was a plain black one.
Not too bad... I think.
Then this one... yeah.
Kevin told me to try this one on.
Then I said: "What am I goin' fishin'?"
He goes: "Maybe..."
So I did the fishing pose...
I'm a dork.
We both are dorks.
Then I tried this one on.
Kevin said I looked like I was going to work in a coal mine.
I started singing this song.
Kevin was getting tired of me trying/modeling hats ...
until we turned the corner and found these.
I don't know if I could go country.
What do you think?
Trying to look "tough"...
{such a dork.. i am}
In the name of L-O-V-E.
Target has everything Valentine's Day.
We got tired again so we sat on these wick-type chairs.
They were... not so comfy... but somewhat nice looking.
We finally got to Kevin's favorite section of pretty much any store we go to:
video game/DVD/video system section.
I found this cute DS lite travel purse.
Oh how Nintendo tries to please everyone.
Onto five Below:
Kevin saw this clock and was pouting as we walked away from this cool Fruit Loop clock.
I like to try things on.

Can you tell?

Hello Kitty earmuffs!

Can never go bad with happy bunny.
Kevin {hiding something behind his back}: "Can I get you this?"
Me: "What is it?"
Kevin {smiling/laughing shows me his "gift"}: This {shows me what's below}. There's also Twizzlers.
Me {laughing ...} : Yeah... no. But thanks babe. You're very thoughtful.
Kevin: {puts it back as he laughs with me} But why not?
Next came the sunglasses.
I showed Kevin and he said I looked like a state trooper...
{maybe that is what I'll be for halloween... something to think about. hee hee.}
See... told you Kevin likes monkeys!
I would LOVE it if he got me this for Valentine's Day.
Such a cutie.
{Kevin not the monkey of course... although the monkey is adorable!}
I have NEVER worn earrings this BIG.
Yeah... not really for me.
Maybe one day... as a part of a costume.
Kevin wanted to get this Energizer bunny... I told him I didn't think it was for sale.
"He's not going."
Kevin tried to be funny.
As we were walking outside and heading to our car, Kevin had to point out these two monkeys and what we believe is a penguin (the blue one).

It was an awesome date night.
We always have fun when we go to stores randomly without any specific plans.
Did I mention
Well I do.
So there.

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