Baby-faced boy Alfie Patten is father at 13

I cannot believe this story!
I mean I know it happens and all that but... come on.
This boy is just a baby himself. I just cannot believe how young kids are having babies.
Just the other day I helped a 16 year old deliver her baby.
It's incredibly sad to know how little education is given to teenagers about sex and the outcomes of not being protected by a condom.
So what do you think?
Should kids be taught about sex, using condoms and about STD's in school?
If so, when should this education start? When they are 11??? I mean girls can start menstruating (able to have babies) by the age of 9!
So when is the appropriate time to talk to kids about sex???
I have nieces and cousins who are entering that phase where they like boys and girls and it is frightening to me to know that they are able to become pregnant if they do not know about sex... and how complicated their lives will turn out if they have a baby at such a YOUNG age!!!
I don't know. Maybe I am being just an old haggard to think this but kids under the age of 18 should NOT be having babies.
At least when you are 18 you are considered an "adult" and can somewhat make your own decisions and can possibly raise a family. Maybe even 21!
On the other hand, I am glad these two didn't give up and end up opting for abortion. {which i am not against.... I am a ProChoice person}.
But I cannot imagine how they are going to be able to raise this kid in such an injustice kind of world....
That's my take on this story... and many other kids having kids...
So what do YOU think???

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