Happy V-day everyone

So it is upon us again...

Valentine's Day.

Many may have someone to be with (like me) and many may be able to just relax and not have to spend any time getting ready, selecting the right outfit, wrap presents, get together with your significant other (SO) and spend the day together.

Believe me when I say I love being in a relationship! I love Kevin dearly but... really? A day to celebrate love... shouldn't this be everyday that you spend a whole day with someone you love and being nice and just spending time with them???

NOT about the present at the end of the date or the present you DIDN'T get?

Am I being weird again??? haha

But what I am going to do today is lay in bed for another couple hours. Then shower and get ready to go see my lovely boyfriend.

We are planning to just relax and not worry about going out on this crazed love day.
We also decided to NOT do the present thing this year.
I mean we both don't need/want anything right now... especially me.
I really hope he DOESN'T surprise me with a gift because I am literally going to be going over to his house EMPTY HANDED.
Well maybe not totally empty handed... maybe a few of the cupcakes I made the other day.
They were scrumptious!
But if you are having the dinner, movie, gift giving date today: ENJOY!

Especially if this is the only holiday you get to spend with your SO and not be disturbed by your little ones or phone calls from the office etc.

Here's to wishing everyone a lovely day today and hope you at least find a little love in someone or something to make this day a love-joy-filled day!

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