Trying not to fall asleep..

It is hard for me to stay up this long...

And this is probably not a good thing to be looking at when one is way sleepy and tired!

But I couldn't resist looking up more beds ... you know... for future beds in my house...

Right now I have a really high twin bed in my room that I got when I was ... oh ... 18 or so.

Now I wish I had thought of the future because I have NO idea what I will do with it once I marry and move to a different house (which is approx. in 3-4 years from now... maybe sooner ... who knows...)

Also Kevin has a non-headboard Full sized bed with a new mattress.

How to convince him we need a nice looking bed once we move in together...???

Anywho these are some different beds that I would look into:

This one is interesting because of the "architecture" and structure of the bed... :
This one is a bit more simple:

This one is pretty classy in my eyes... and the color is nice:

I would like this bed because Kevin is tall and without the bottom of the bed it would give him more feet space:

Any thoughts on any comfy bed frames/headboards?

Also what type of sheets/comforters/blankets are more comfortable to sleep in?

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