fun times

For such a sad occasion Kev had to buy a black tie ... and he got to get a bright red one too... (it was buy one get the 2nd 1/2 off!)
And i got this really cute pic of Kev and his nephew Justin.
Kev was teaching Justin how to tie a tie because Kev is the best in all his family... to tie a tie.
Since he's the only one who has to wear one to work.

Aren't they adorable and handsome at the same time?!?!
Justin has such a close resemblance to Kev it is uncanny! And all his nieces and nephews A.D.O.R.E. him!
He's the cool and young uncle for all of them.

The one in the grey sweatshirt is Kev's middle bro Greg.
He's the "joker" of the fam... you have to meet him (or know someone like him to understand what I mean).
And the one in the brown (right next to Kev) is his niece Jess.
She just turned 12!
(we'll get to her then!)

And these two lovely ladies are: Kev's mom and Kathy, Kev's sister-in-law (Greg's awesome wife).
I had a pic of Kev's dad but accidentally deleted it.

So that's what happened before Tues (before the funeral).

I will not go into too much info of the funeral because I don't want to recall all the sadness.
Just know that it was a wonderful service all around.

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