Family is all we need

After the funeral last Tuesday, we went over to the PALACE restaurant.
Not too bad. Their soup was great though. And now I can't remember the name of the soup either!
Now to name the faces of these photos! (all names will be from left to right)

Mya, Owen, Justin, and Jess (nieces and nephews of Kevin)

Kevin, Uncle Ron (from Kev's mom side) and Justin (who is trying to give Ron bunny ears... hehe)
Justin and Owen (saying good-bye)
Mya and Justin (good-bye hug)
Jess and Kevin (about to give her a wet willy... don't worry... I warned her!)

Kevin and Sofia
(Don't we look ravishing... haha... yeah right. I barely had time to do my hair! ... and right after I saw this I was thinking "man... i REALLY need to exercise! I'm beginning to have a double chin!")
Greg (Kevin's brother), Justin, Kathy (Kevin's sister-in-law), and Jess
Grammy Doris (Louise's mom), Gary, and Louise
The Boys: Dave, Greg and Kevin
(can they get any more handsome???... plus I like the fact that only Greg has his eyes open... heehee)
Dave (Kev's oldest bro), Owen, Mya, and Donna (Kevin's other sister-in-law)

We took advantage of the fact that all of us looked somewhat decent to do "picture time" ...
And we did so before all the kids got all their clothes undone.
It was a sad event to be able to get together like this with the whole family ... but I loved seeing everybody there.
We miss you Pop.

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