Our date at Q-Mart

We went to Q-Mart and found some pretty cool things. Didn't buy much but this is what we saw:
There were a lot of different pieces of photography that were so cool and great. I left my camera at Kevin's house so the other pics will be up then. Some are so funny... Kevin found them.
Of course Breakfast at Tiffany's. L-O-V-E that movie!!!!!

Kevin's main reason to go to Q-Mart was to find this game...
The pic above is me just following him around since I really could care less about video games.

But since I love him I went along. Plus he bought me food... and ice cream. Yummmm!!!

He's such a cutie!

Yeah... he was looking for these type of cartridges as well.
He has A LOT of different video game systems... don't ask how many.
I believe he lost count after 10.... not kidding.
Kid in a comic store. He doesn't read a lot of them but he still loves his comics.
Spiderman. Superman. X-Men.
All those type of super heroes.
Found this (^) sign funny and cute.
Kevin likes the Simpsons but don't think he ever read/has the actual comic books.
My aunt LOVES Mickey Mouse and I found these really cute PEZ dispensers.
She loves to collect any type of Mickey Mouse stuff so this would be perfect.
Her bday is coming up... in summer... but still. It would be cool and cute as a bday present.
Kevin loves KUNG FU PANDA and he pointed these out.
And how CRAZY is this collection of PEZ dispensers! I don't even know how many of them are.
Didn't ask the guy either... he didn't seem too friendly...
And all this stuff (bottom pic) was all Kevin's interest... But just the swords and batarangs...
Yep. They had batarangs.
Cool... but ... I would hope that Kevin would not buy them... he wouldn't...
I hope.
Also these playing cards - with VERY sharp edges.
"Just like Joker" - Kevin
In the same store I found these two:
They were pretty cute. What do you think?
After about an hour or two I needed to sit down.
So we did! Put our feet up and everything. The couch was somewhat comfy.

And we found these funky Obama dollars... well $0...
When we were about to leave, Kevin pointed out these
Kevin really like-- no wait.
Kevin LOVES monkeys... at least points them out ALL the time when we see a monkey statue, rug, picture, toy etc...
That was our sites at Q-mart.
We had fun and it was something out of the ordinary that we did.
We usually just stay in or go to the local mall.
I loved this outing.
One more date for the record books.

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