How horrible is this story???

Brazilian Model's Hands And Feet Amputated

20-year-old Brazilian model Mariana Bridi da Costa has had her hands and feet amputated after a serious infection gripped her extremities.
The young woman was a finalist to represent Brazil in the Miss World contest.
At the end of December, she was misdiagnosed with kidney stones when she was really ill with a severe urinary tract infection. The Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterium can be fatal, and in this case, got a hold of her hands and feet.
She remains in intensive care and her family says their primary concern now is for her life.

That is so horrible right???
God bless her and her family.


naomi megan. said...

oh my goodness, that IS horrible.

and as far as photo booths go in nyc, the one at bubby's in tribeca is the only one we have been able to find some far. so i don't think so (we've looked pretty hard) but if you do find another one, please let me know!

have a wonderful weekend!

KSBL said...

I will let you know about any photo booths.

you have a great weekend as well!