Perkin's Birthday Night

It was Kev's dad's bday on Election Night and we decided to go out last week to Perkin's for a bday dinner.
Like I said Kev got new glasses and they are ... get this... TIMBERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could NOT believe MY BOYFRIEND actually got nice DESIGNER glasses! He didn't even know they were designer either because he didn't understand why I was so excited/surprised by his awesome and nice glasses!
He even got a nice Timberland case that is soft and fuzzy... but not as gayish as that sounds... haha.
So we were both bad about our choice of food that night!
That's Kev above...
And this is mine below!
It was really good but .... I could have used a salad (which I am hungry for right now!)
This is Kev's mom... She went safely with baked salmon (which looked delicious!)
And this is the bday boy!!!
And this was not planned but there were about five girls (which included our waitress that was horrible btw!) that came out singing with a cupcake and and candle.

we were all surprised and ... trying to not laugh hysterically cuz Kev's dad was sooooo funny about it. He was surprised and sort of annoyed they did it.


Can you tell he was so excited about his bday cupcake??? haha
He made a wish!
And I do hope that he wished for something good and it comes true because it has been a rough year so far for his whole entire family!

The little girl sitting at the next booth behind Kev's parents was funny... she made a joke about toilets:

What is dirtier than a toilet?

Your legs.

I don't get it either.

Plus she had RED highlights in her hair... she was probably only 9 years old!!!! Is that too young or am I turning into a weird person who thinks giving a cell phone to a 11 year old is too young????

Discuss please!!!!!!!!!

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