Baking stuff from Fred

These candles would make it SOOO much easier to put on rather than putting 24 individual candles on a cake and so on!
How cool would this cake be to eat and cut and present at the next party???
Plus, the fruit looks delicious and a great idea for a cake.

And you can use this to get the shape of the great cake above!

Plus you can use this to stir the batter.
This is so cool... especially for kids to help along with the baking!

And to add a little craziness and comedy, you can use these cookie cutters... especially for Halloween... or if you just decide to be sick and weird and funny bake them for Christmas. ...

Believe me that "sick and weird and funny" person is me too... haha ... ppl expect these for Christmas this year!


{I love the fact that ABC stands for: already been chewed!}

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